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Acupuncture is based on the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It serves to maintain good health as well as to treat medical conditions by returning the body to its dynamic state of balance.

A wide variety of acute and chronic conditions can be managed by acupuncture. It can be used to treat musculoskeletal and pain related conditions, digestive problems, neurological conditions, stress related disorders and also to maintain good health.

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Acupuncture is a widely-used treatment in TCM. It helps to maintain good health and treat various medical conditions by restoring the body's state of balance. Needles are inserted at specific acu-points to stimulate the body’s natural healing responses. Research has shown that acupuncture can improve blood circulation and trigger the release of natural painkillers.

Vacuum Cupping

Vacuum cupping is a complementary therapeutic technique where plastic cups are used to apply suction on the body in accordance to the concepts of TCM. This opens up the pores, promotes blood circulation, removes toxins and realigns energy in the body. Vacuum cupping eliminates the risk of burns which comes with traditional flame cupping.

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