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General Enquiries: 6807 8000
Appointments: 6807 8088
Opening Hours: 8.00am to 5.00pm
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With the right knowledge and treatment, people with diabetes can lead healthy, active and productive lives. Our patient-centred team care approach ensures patients receive complete and coordinated care. We provide a range of specialised clinical services, complications screening programmes and comprehensive educational programmes to cater to the needs of our patients.

We are also a diabetes resource centre for primary healthcare providers in the north of Singapore. Family doctors can refer patient directly to our podiatrists, nurses and dietitians, so patients can continue to be managed by their GPs while receiving in-depth diabetes self-care training and footcare. Whenever possible, our specialists work in partnership with GPs and polyclinics to care for patients with more complex diabetes.


To be a leading Diabetes Centre, aimed at helping our people with diabetes mellitus live a long, healthy life and support them with thoughtful, dignified care.


To be a centre for excellence for diabetes and diabetes management in the north. We will provide good quality, affordable and hassle-free healthcare with science, love and wisdom.

Our ​Services at AdMC:

Our specialised services include:

  • Diabetes Optimisation clinic
  • Diabetes Kidney Disease Clinic
  • Diabetes Foot Ulcer Clinic
  • Diabetes Foot Screening
  • Diabetes Eye Screening
  • Intensive Insulin Therapy and Insulin Pump Clinic
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring Clinic
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Counselling by Dietitian
  • Patient education and insulin initiation by Diabetes Nurse Educator
  • Diabetes Group Educational Programmes
  • Gestational Diabetes Clinic and Pregnancy in Diabetes Clinic

Our multi-disciplinary team includes:

  • Endocrinologists (diabetes specialists)
  • Advanced Practise Nurse (APN)
  • Diabetes Nurse Educators (DNE)
  • Dietitians
  • Medical Social Workers (MSW)
  • Podiatrists

We will focus on caring for patients within AdMC, KTPH and in our health system and beyond, learning constantly to improve care; and performing research to better understand our patients and their related medical problems. We will work closely with our patients and partner their primary care physicians to achieve best possible outcomes of care for people with diabetes.

 Patient Education

 Our Dedicated Team

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